Prior to commencing the actual construction and production works, we define the product requirements and ideal production processes in coordination with our customers. Experience has shown that, already at this stage, our know-how can contribute to a significant improvement of the future workpiece. We use high-performance construction and simulation software that adopts your drawings and data and incorporates them into the construction process.

Development starts after extensive consultation with our experts.

When it comes to construction, we rely on the successful symbiosis of constructor and casting specialist. Thus, we ensure a perfect technical implementation.

At this stage, we will of course consider your drawings and elements and coordinate all intermediate procedures with you.

Our in-house toolmaking facility is of great advantage when it comes to ensuring smooth production processes and top-quality products. Armed with the knowledge of casting specialists, our toolmakers manufacture high-precision tools that are perfectly maintained during production. Thus, we are always able to ensure technically flawless production processes and perfect quality standards.

Equipped with computer-controlled core shooters, our core-making shop meets the prerequisites for high-quality production processes. A manual machine supports us in the manufacture of samples or small batches. Our well-versed experts are also able to create complex moulds. Due to our great competence in core-intensive casting processes, we also manufacture complex core packages, cores with inserts and moulds with additional cores.

In order to provide our customers with absolutely consistent quality in serial production processes, we perform regular checks. We inspect the silica sand deliveries, determine the loss on ignition, check the core strength and review the dimensional accuracy. Upon request, we will be happy to provide our customers with the relevant test reports.

A state-of-the-art machine pool is a fundamental prerequisite for modern production processes. The fact that we continuously invest in more efficient machines has positive impacts on both the quality of our products and the speed of our production processes. Our employees upgrade their skills through continuous training and further education, which ensures that they are always at the cutting edge of gravity die casting processes.

Our service does not stop with the completion of the casting process, but includes many further processing options for your product. Depending on your requirements, we are able to deliver complex finished goods. Turning and milling operations are just two examples from our vertical range of manufacture. Besides, we also manufacture complete assemblies.

Prior to their final delivery, all products are subjected to strict quality controls. From random checks to 100-percent inspections, we implement comprehensive quality assurance measures. We have been certified to the DIN ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2016. Naturally, we also perform internal audits with our customers.